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Horizon Academy Trust is an exempt charity regulated by the Secretary of State for Education.

company number 08411590

registered office is C/O Biggin Hill Primary School, Biggin Avenue, Bransholme, Hull, United Kingdom HU7 4RL.

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Music starts right from the Early Years, the planning imaginative and cross-curricular ideas to promote and enrich music.

Teachers use a range of musical starting points as a hook for learning: to introduce a topic, a character, set the mood for a story or promoting imagination during literacy lessons.

As a school we aim to promote a love of music. ‘Music of the week’: has been introduced to promote and educate children about different genres of music. The whole school uses the same genre of music each week in order to encourage conversations between children about that genre.

The aim is to develop children’s love of music, increase their confidence, develop their listening skills and to appreciate music. 

All of our Year 4 children learn to play either a cello or violin and take part in regular performances to a range of audiences. A number of pupils continuing these lessons into Years 5, 6 and beyond.

Weekly singing assemblies ensure children are challenged and made aware of different singing styles for example: singing in rounds to add effect and engage with harmonies/different tones.

Wider curriculum opportunities such as choir, singing at The City Hall, Christmas and end of Key Stage concerts, singing French songs, Harvest Festival etc. give children an opportunity to develop their musical and performing talents.