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Horizon Academy Trust is an exempt charity regulated by the Secretary of State for Education.

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registered office is C/O Biggin Hill Primary School, Biggin Avenue, Bransholme, Hull, United Kingdom HU7 4RL.

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Thanet Primary School

Developing aspirations, building futures
and letting imaginations fly as we aim high

Modern Foreign Language

At Thanet Primary school, we aim to lead a provision of language learning in the school, ensuring a languages curriculum that interests inspires and motivates learners, and that meets the national statutory requirements.

Learning another language is full of rich opportunities to develop pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural experiences. French is taught formally in KS2 only. In KS 1 French language is taught informally through day to day tasks and instructions.

A consistent scheme, called Language angels, is set to be followed where videos, songs, rhymes and stories will all enrich pupils’ experience. Pupils will also learn a variety of topics such as: food, clothes or celebrations, building a positive understanding of key features of personal and national identity, values and beliefs. A new scheme is set to show a clear progression of skills allowing children to develop their oral and written French continually throughout their years at Thanet. Learning a language equips pupils to express themselves in new ways. This develops their immediate sense of belonging to the wider world and starts to prepare them for future opportunities in modern life.