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Thanet Primary School

Developing aspirations, building futures
and letting imaginations fly as we aim high

Art & Design

At Thanet Primary we are all artists!

At Thanet we are all artists! From a starting point in nursery where children share their creations and start to explain their process, by the end of KS2 we aspire for all children to make their own decisions about their approach to a variety of artistic challenges and develop their own ideas. Our pupils learn to appreciate and take inspiration from some of the world’s greatest artists. Art experiences are built upon progressively. When children leave Thanet Primary we aim to have enabled our pupils to master skills and techniques to enable them to create and critique their own personal works of art.

Children will develop their creativity in each year group. As they progress through the school, they are introduced to a range of skills through Art and Design lessons. They learn about a range of artists and are taught key vocabulary, which supports them as they move through the school.

Children will record their learning in an Art and Design sketchbook, showing the journey that their learning has taken. As children leave Thanet Primary School in Year 6, they will be confident and inspired to produce high quality Art and Design.