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The admission procedures and eligibility are different for nursery and school. Please use the drop down tabs to select which you are interested in.




Conversion to Academy status

Upon conversion to Academy status Horizon Academy Trust became the admissions authority for Thanet Primary School. This means it is responsible for setting the admission arrangements.

Thanet Primary School participates in the Hull City Council co-ordinated admission scheme for school admissions and Horizon Academy Trust has adopted the school admission policy detailed under the school heading.





Admission to the nursery at Thanet Primary School is determined by the Governing Body. This admissions policy does not apply to the admission of pupils into the school.



The Governing Body has agreed this nursery admission policy so that in the event of there being more requests for nursery places than are available, there are fair and transparent admission criteria in place.

Thanet Primary School has a 39 place nursery and attendance is part-time, for 15 hours per week (universal funding). Children usually attend for 5 mornings or 5 afternoons per week with a limited number of 30 hour places per week for parents who meet the criteria for extended funding. Universal funded sessions will preside over extended funded sessions. Those eligible for 30 hours can then attend up to five days full time but a charge will be incurred for the lunchtime supervision (details on our charging policy) unless the child is collected over the lunch period. Nurseries do not have catchment areas in the same way as schools, so once places are full, the school will signpost parents to other providers. This could be the Acorns Children’s Centre on Nestor Grove or another primary school with a nursery.

Parents and carers should approach the school directly if they would like their child to attend the nursery. The school maintains registers/lists of parents’ or carers’ interest in a nursery place. Early registration of interest will not however guarantee a place in the nursery. If a child gets a place in the nursery at the school, it does not automatically follow that he/she will get a place in the school. Equally, there are children who require a school place who have not attended our nursery due to parental preference.

Nursery places at Thanet Primary School nursery are open to all children, irrespective of where they live. Attendance at the nursery is not a precondition of a place in the school. Places at the school must be applied for through the separate process for school admission. Parents and carers do not have a statutory right to appeal to an independent appeal panel in relation to nursery admissions. It is therefore important that our nursery admissions decisions can be justified by reference to our agreed criteria.


Statement for admission to the nursery

  • A child can be considered for a place in the nursery from the start of the term following the child’s third birthday. This place will normally be for between three to five terms prior to entry into a mainstream school.
  • The governors will consider applications for nursery places against agreed criteria (see below). This responsibility is delegated on a day to day basis to the Headteacher.
  • The school will let parents and carers know of their decision regarding a place in the nursery. Where possible, this will be at least one term before admission.
  • If a child is offered a place in the nursery, parents and carers must confirm their acceptance within two weeks to avoid the school refusing places for other children unnecessarily.
  • The final decision on when a child is admitted, the number of sessions a child is able to attend and his/her pattern of attendance, rests with the Headteacher.


Criteria for admission to nursery

The following criteria for admission will be applied in the event of there being more requests for places than those available. Places will be offered to children in the following priority order:

  • Looked After Children (children in care).
  • Children with special educational, medical or social needs if evidenced professionally (see Appendix 1).
  • Children who have a brother or sister (including children living as siblings in the same family unit) on the school roll who will still be attending Thanet Primary School in the following academic year.
  • Children of school staff.
  • Age – new arrivals to the area/requests for nursery places will be slotted in at the appropriate point (if places are available).
  • Other children.



This nursery admissions policy will ensure that places in our nursery are allocated fairly. It will be reviewed as part of the school’s self-evaluation programme unless changes to statutory requirements necessitate an earlier review.

It is important that parents and carers are aware that places within our nursery are in demand. Failure to attend regularly or erratic attendance may result in a place being withdrawn.


Appendix 1: Admission Criteria

These examples are not in priority order.

A) Examples of special educational needs might include:

  • Emotional and behavioural problems
  • Hearing difficulties
  • Lack of personal interaction and stimulation
  • Physical difficulties
  • Speech and language problems
  • Visual difficulties


B) Examples of social needs might include:

  • Children who were multiple births (twins, triplets)
  • A child with a confined play space
  • A child from a one parent family
  • A child in a family of four or more children
  • A child in the sole care of grandparents
  • A child who has two or more siblings under four years of age
  • A child on the child protection register
  • A child of parents with disabilities
  • A child with English as an additional language
  • A child who is in the care of the local authority e.g. in foster care

C) Children who have a brother or sister (including children living as siblings in the same family unit) with disabilities (as in A) who require a significant amount of additional support.


D) Children who have a brother or sister (including children living as siblings in the same family unit) on the school roll who will still be attending Thanet Primary School in the following academic year.


E) All other children for whom places have been requested.




School Admission Policy


Admissions to school for Reception Class through to Year 6 is co-ordinated through Hull City Council and details of how to apply can be found on the Hull City Council website or by telephoning 300300 and asking for School Admissions.

Please click here to access the Hull City Council website.

The Admissions Policy and relevant catchment area plan is detailed below:

Catchment Area Map

Admissions Policy 2018-21