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Sport Premium 2016-17

Allocation £9712

What do we intend to use the sports premium funding for in our school?

Physical Education:  Raising the standard of teaching and learning in PE

What are we going to do?

How are we going to do it?

What impact have we seen on pupils so far?

Continue to develop teaching staff’s subject knowledge / confidence in delivering high quality PE lessons.

  • Staff members to be timetabled throughout the year to work alongside JG and KM.
  • Lessons to be a mix of demo lessons and move into team teaching and coaching.
  • JG to support staff at the planning stage with ideas for PE lessons as needed.
  • Use of existing links with professional clubs to deliver & support staff (Hull KR, Hull FC, FA Skills, Hull Scorpions baseball & Chance to Shine cricket).


Ensure that staff and children have access to quality resources to support the delivery of the PE curriculum.

  • Clear audit of current resources
  • Supplement the schools resources as needed to support successful delivery of schools long term plans for PE.

Develop impact of leadership role on PE

  • JG to support KM in the assessment and monitoring aspects of being a subject leader/ implementation of action plan. KM to attend Subject Leaders Module 4 & 5 and any relevant courses to her roll.
  • Use FLiC to monitor progress of children achieving ARE in PE.



Healthy Active Lifestyles:  Ensuring all children are encouraged to take regular exercise

What are we going to do?

How are we going to do it?

What impact have we seen on pupils so far?

Continue to increase activity levels at break-times, lunchtimes and afterschool.

  • Ensure a range of resources are available for children to use at both playtimes and lunchtimes (liaise with sports crew and ambassadors to decide on clubs and activities to lead).
  • Audit lunchtime activities and feedback to lunchtime supervisors/TA decide on ways to develop this further.
  • The school have secured a £7,200 ‘Awards for All’ grant through Proactive Sport, which will be used provide further sporting enrichment activities and clubs for children at lunchtimes and after school throughout the year by specially qualified coaches . 
  • Train and implement new year 5 sports ambassadors to shadow current year 6 ambassadors.
  • Monitor the running and success of the sports ambassadors at lunchtimes.
  • Half-termly discussions with Sports Crew to seek pupil opinions and act on information as needed.



Work towards all children receiving 2 hours of physical activity a week inclusive of extra-curricular clubs.

  • Organise/provide a range of lunchtime and after school clubs that are based around healthy lifestyles or sport.

Develop children’s understanding of healthy active lifestyles

  • JM/KM/JG to Organise a ‘healthy/Sports week’ in the Summer Term.   As part of the week, try to source taster sessions from different sports, chefs/professionals to lead workshops on healthy eating etc.
  • Subject leader to investigate possible participation in National Sports week (June) and Race for Life/City of Culture run and cascade information to staff.
  • Organise member of staff/Sports Ambassador to support a ‘Change4Life’ PE club.  Range of year groups and ages to be targeted.
  • A pupil survey to identify clubs attended by children outside of school & pupil interests around physical activity.  
  • An audit of local clubs for all sports to allow the school to signpost children with identified ability or interest.

Increased participation in competitive school sport

What are we going to do?

How are we going to do it?

What impact have we seen on pupils so far?

Maintain the high number of competitive sports opportunities for all children.

  • Attend and participate in sporting tournaments as organised through the Sainsbury’s School Games calendar offer, including as many  B& C teams as possible. Organise and lead an inter school football and inclusive competition at Thanet.
  • Advertise and encourage children to attend clubs: A Sainsbury’s School Games notice board is in place to promote clubs, competitions and successes. Half-termly news letters to advertise new clubs on offer. Twitter and Marvellous Me to be used as a way of providing parents with instantaneous updates on sporting events and pupil successes.
  • Signpost children where possible to community sports facilities and clubs (particularly when an ability has been noted)
  • Attend a range of tournaments throughout the year (to include Y2 as well if possible).














Organise intra-festivals each term for all children

  • Develop intra-festivals (within school competitions) for all year groups, termly linked to current PE unit of work.
  • Organise for older pupils to run these with younger children by summer term
  • Organise and run a competitive sports day in the Summer term for all children.