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Structure and Remit of the Local Governing Body (LGB)


The membership of each LGB (each a LGB Member) shall be as follows (unless the Trustees resolve otherwise):

  • up to two parent members; 
  • two staff members;
  • the Headteacher/Executive Headteacher of the academy;
  • up to four persons appointed by the Trustees;
  • with the approval of the Trustees up to three other persons


The LGB shall:

  • act as a critical friend to the Headteacher/Executive Headteacher;
  • represent the views of the community in discussions on budget issues that relate to community engagement and activity and make recommendations to the Headteacher/Executive Headteacher;
  • support the Trust’s senior management staff on dealing with parental complaints pursuant to the Trust policy on parental complaints; and
  • support the Headteacher/Executive Headteacher of other Academies in exclusion processes where appropriate.

A more detailed list of the responsibilities of the LGB is set out in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation as approved by the Trustees of Horizon Academy Trust.


Subject to the terms of reference the Local Governing Body may establish such committees as are necessary to carry out its responsibilities, as determined by the Local Governing Body and/or the Trust.

Subject to the terms of reference, the constitution, membership and proceedings of any committee shall be determined by the Governors. The establishment, terms of reference, constitution and membership of any committee of the Local Governing Body shall be reviewed at least once in every twelve months.