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Finance, Personnel and General Purposes

Finance, Personnel & General Purposes Committee       Quorum 3   Delegated Powers Y     


Mrs Machon

Mr Wilson

Mrs Wright

Reserve: any other eligible governor

Committee Chair to be elected at the first meeting of the academic year

Clerk: Mr Beilsten

In attendance Mrs deVries and Mrs Shortman (to receive part A and B of the agenda and papers)


NB: Any matter which might lead to an appeal to be considered by three members of the committee




Responsibilities of the Local Governing Body:

  • to approve the annual budget; and
  • to approve the Terms of Reference.

Responsibilities of the Finance Committee:

  • to approve the medium term financial plan;
  • to monitor performance against budget through the receipt of regular reports from the School Business Manager;
  • to ensure both consistency and adequate explanation of variances;
  • to report to the governing body regularly on budgetary performance as the year progresses’
  • to make expenditure decisions between £15,000 and £50,000
  • to receive reports of virement decisions up to £15,000; and
  • to undertake a more detailed budgeting and monitoring role on behalf of the local governing body including: -
                    - consideration in detail of prospective budgets / financial plans and other financial information;
                    - ensuring that appropriate systems and procedures are in place to enable Best Value to be demonstrated
                    - to review and approve the Service Level Agreements (SLA);
                    - to consider the Benchmarking Data; and
                    - to review the Terms of Reference for the Finance Committee and make recommendations to the LGB.
  • To consider general staffing matters involving staffing levels and staffing appointments.
  • To approve changes to the staffing establishment.
  • To exercise discretion in relation to staff pay and grading in accordance with the school's pay policy (NB no one employed at the school can take part in decisions regarding the pay or performance of anyone working at the school).
  • To arrange termly site building inspections and receive reports on actions required.
  • To review the school's health and safety policy and procedures.
  • To consult with the headteacher on accident and emergency issues and monitor that these issues are addressed appropriately within an allocated budget approved by the local governing body.
  • To shortlist, interview and appoint for teaching posts (non teaching posts and temporary posts delegated to the headteacher and a governor).
  • To consider and decide upon parental complaints against the school in accordance with the procedure adopted by the local governing body.
  • To shortlist and interview and recommend, in line with Trust policy and process, an appointment for the post of deputy and assistant headteachers.
  • Determine school level policies which reflect the school's ethos and values to include e.g. SEND; safeguarding and child protection; curriculum; behaviour

Responsibilities of the Headteacher:

  • day to day management of the school’s budget;
  • to draft, in conjunction with the School Business Manager, a budget plan;
  • to produce, with the SBM, monthly management accounts and reports;
  • to ensure the budget is fully integrated with the school improvement plan;
  • to make purchase order and virement decisions up to £15,000;
  • sales invoices authorisation up to £50,000
  • to keep the Finance Committee informed about the school’s budgetary position with explanation of variances;
  • to ensure that the school’s financial practices comply with the Trust’s Financial Regulations;

Staffing Committee      Quorum  3  Delegated Powers Y
Any 3 eligible governors
Reserve: any other eligible governor
Committee chair: to be elected at each meeting
Clerk: Mr Beilsten

  • To consider and make decisions on the conduct, capability and discipline of staff in accordance with procedures adopted by the governing body.
  • To consider and make initial decisions on the alteration/reduction of the staffing establishment in accordance with procedures adopted by the governing body.
  • To consider and decide upon issues of staff grievance in accordance with procedures adopted by the governing body.