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Parent info:

This site is created by CEOP and Parent Zone in partnership. There are articles on a range of topics from mental health to children’s diet. There is also a strong focus on Child Sexual Exploitation and online safety more generally . Parent Info allows schools to embed it’s content onto their own school website. This can be a feed that is updated with new articles or schools can choose to select articles that are relevant to them and their pupils. The website can be found here:

Thinkuknow -Parents and Carers.

This site has advice on practical parental controls and ways to supervise children online. There are also guides on social media to help adults understand the features of new apps. However, there are also articles that focus on starting a conversation about online safety and more difficult topics such as ‘nude selfies’ and sex and relationships. This part of the site also has advice on where to get further help if a parent is concerned. The area is split into sections that focus on prevention and areas that are more focused on reacting to an incident that may have already happened. Depending on the parent and situation, either section can be very useful. There is content available for both primary and secondary aged pupils.


Click on this link to direct parents to the Thinkuknow resources that they can use with their children at home

This includes  the most recent resource: Play, like share which is aimed at 8-10s.


File icon: pdf HSCB - Staying Safe Online Booklet v2 05.02.2018 [pdf 796KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Parents-Guide-to-Extremism-and-Radicalisation [pdf 330KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Keeping your children safe online [pdf 87KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Childnet - Parents Factsheet [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Internet-Matters-Online-Safety-Guide [pdf 373KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf WhatsApp Parents Guide [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Fortnite Parents Guide 051218 [pdf 12MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Screen Addiction Parents Guide 091118 [pdf 9MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Catfishing-Parents-Guide-Feb-2019 [pdf 9MB] Click to download