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Eligibility guidance

Parents can apply on line now for both the 30 hours and Tax Free Childcare, however eligibility cannot be validated by the Local Authority until the checking system is available in July 2017.  This means that the eligibility period will have expired as this has to be re-checked every 3 months.  We are not discouraging parents from applying early as this will give you some idea whether you qualify or not, but you need to be aware that eligibility codes cannot be validated until later in the summer. All children who qualify for the extended 15 hours can only take up their place the term after their eligibility is confirmed.
For further information please visit
Please note
At present Thanet Primary School is unable to offer anymore than 15 hours per child each week in our Nursery.  However these children are welcome to attend our Breakfast Club and/or After School Club.  If you do have specific childcare requirements please come in and speak to Mrs Marin or Mrs de-Vries in the main office and they will help advise on available provision.