Guidance for parents and carers in the event of school closure due to Coronavirus

Your child will be learning from your response to the current situation. Seeing you staying calm and resilient will be crucial in helping them to cope with the circumstances.

It is really important to keep to a routine and structure for your child should schools close. The following ten tips may help you maintain your child’s health and well-being.

  1. Keep the same bedtime and getting up time for your child.
  2. Have regular times for meals together.
  3. Build in time for fresh air and exercise as far as this is possible.
  4. Structure your child’s day so that they have a variety of activities and break times.
  5. Create a menu of activities that your child can do during the day – you might want to use this time to involve your child in cooking or other household activities. Life skills are learning too.
  6. Make a daily plan of activities and share these with your child the night before so you and your child know what is happening the next day
  7. Review the day’s activities and talk about what they have done. A sense of accomplishment is important for children and young people.
  8. Make Monday to Friday different to the weekend.
  9. Decide when and for how long your child will have access to electronic devices and for what purpose.
  10. Maintain contact with friends and family through technology. If you do have elderly relatives self-isolating a video call with your child will no doubt cheer them up.

Remember that your child will be learning from your response to handling this situation. Seeing you stay calm will be teaching your child a vital life skill.

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