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Curriculum Enhancement

Music - all pupils in Y4 have the opportunity to learn to play the violin or cello funded by the school through the Wider Opportunities programme. Many pupils carry on with music tuition to examination level, following involvement in this programme.

PE -pupils in Y4 also take part in swimming lessons. 

Sex/Drug Education is taught as part of the school’s PSHE and Curriculum policies with a particular focus on these areas during the summer term for all pupils in Years 1 to 6. The school follows the Jigsaw PSHE programme.  Parents have the right to withdraw their child from the sex education lessons if they wish and must do so in writing.

The curriculum is also enhanced by a range of additional activities including taking our children on a variety of high quality visits or inviting visitors into school.  We have excellent links with the Children's University and every year our Year 6 pupils take part in a day visit to London.

We also take part in the STEM and Environmental Conferences each year, giving Year 5 and 6 pupils the opportunity to explore the word of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Pupils from Year 6 also represent the school at half termly meetings of the International Schools Council.

Enterprise plays an important role in the curriculum with all pupils encouraged to take part in entrepreneurial activities; where they learn and develop important key skills throughout each school year.


There is a whole school policy for planning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the curriculum. All efforts are made to ensure that the curriculum is appropriately matched to each pupil's ability and needs and that it is creative, enjoyable and fun whilst maintaining high standards. Cross curricular learning and the transfer and application of skills is actively promoted.  Pupils are also involved in pre-planning activities and a curriculum overview is shared with parents each term.

The majority of lessons are taught in mixed ability groups. However, sometimes in numeracy or phonics, in particular year groups, the teachers may decide to group children across the year group, based on ability.

Quality first teaching underpins everything we do.  In addition to this some pupils may be identified for specific intervention or additional support.

The school maintains a balanced and appropriate curriculum at all times for all pupils. During the spring term (from January to April) pupils in Year 6 have access to revision programmes in readiness for their end of KS 2 statutory SATs tests. This short revision programme ensures that the curriculum is not narrowed for these pupils in their final year at primary school whilst enabling them to acquire the necessary skills in order to access the national tests in May.

Our aim is to create a secure and happy environment where children are challenged to develop to their full potential in all aspects of learning and school life; both academically and personally. Our school is committed to developing the “whole child.”            

All policy documents are constantly under review and are available on request.