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Classes and their Curriculum for 2018

Click on each year group below to see what they have planned for this year.

The Curriculum

At Thanet Primary School we are committed to providing a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum for all of our pupils.  The school follows the National Curriculum and through an enquiry based approach (based on the Essentials Curriculum by Chris Quigley) we aim to encourage and develop independent learners who are fully prepared for the next stage in their education and continue to be lifelong learners.

Our enquiry based curriculum is thematic and allows the children to explore different subject areas whilst taking some responsibility for deciding what they learn and how they learn it. The themes are engaging and exciting and allow the children to pose problems, ask questions, and recognise issues that they would like to explore. It also encourages them to be inquisitive and curious about things that they experience in their everyday lives. Reading, writing and mathematical skills are taught across the whole curriculum

Early Years 

In the Early Years (3 to 5 year olds) the curriculum is organised to meet the requirements of the revised statutory EYFS Framework (September 2012) and Development Matters 2012 (the non-statutory guidance) which supports schools in implementing the requirements of the Early Years Framework.

Years 1 to 6 

The school follows the National Curriculum which was implemented from September 2014 for Year 1, 3, 4 and 5 with Years 2 and 6 following from September 2015.

Foundation Subjects -art, design technology, geography, history and music are taught through half termly enquiry based topics. Click on the relevant year group tab on the left hand side for more information.

PE is taught as a stand - alone subject or linked to the themes when appropriate. The Sport Premium is being used to employ a specialist teacher of PE/Sport to work in the school one day each week

In Religious Education the school follows the Locally Agreed Syllabus.

French is taught throughout the school and is on the timetable for 30 minutes each week in KS 2 (Years 3 to 6.) In the EYFS and KS 1 (Years 1 and 2) French is introduced on a more informal basis. Further detailed information about the curriculum can be found at